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Çağlar Yazman is a devoted athlete who has been representing our flag proudly in numerous BJJ and Grappling competitions throughout his martial arts career. He founded Ground and Pound Istanbul MMA Academy in 2017 in Istanbul with one mission; to help bring your best every single day and then some more!

GNP Istanbul followed soon after to help transition seamlessly for whatever your day demands and give you an ultra-comfortable clothing after vigorous work outs.

GNP Istanbul is a true Athleisure brand to its core for devoted athletes and the ones who chose sports as lifestyle. It is man’s fashion brand that provides breathable clothes with durable high-quality fabrics and perfect designs for athletic body shapes.

Our collection has three different categories for different body shapes and comes in with inclusive size range from XS to 4XL.

Inspired by brave spirituality of an athlete...
A new alternative for the ones who spend the whole day with sportswear. High quality, breathable, and natural fabrics meet the sports style as we call it “GNP Way of Living”.

For the ones who dare go beyond the limits of personal strength...
Everything for the ones with muscular body types who train weightlifting. Thicker layer of fabric that provides great flexibility in this collection.

Inspired by Çağlar Yazman’s personal style. Everything for the ones who rediscover own personal limits in extreme sports. GNP EXTREME collection comes with lighter fabrics and oversize style. The graphics on products represent the energy in the extreme sports culture.

We hope that every man who is obsessed with extreme sports will find his own significant piece in GNP Istanbul collection!


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