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Sustainable Production

We have more responsibility for tomorrow than today and yesterday. We set out with the awareness of this responsibility. GNP Istanbul products are produced with sustainable materials and with a future-oriented responsibility from the design stage to the final stage, respectful and responsibly to the resources of our planet. We paid attention to recycled raw materials in the materials we use in our products and Better Cotton licensed cotton in all our cotton products.

Well, what we take care to use in all our Koton products?
What is “better cotton”?
Better cotton is the name given to cotton grown according to BCI standards in line with BCI's production principles. Only farmers with a BCI license can sell the cotton they produce as “Better cotton”. In terms of quality, there is no difference between Better cotton grown in the same region and conventional cotton. The reason why “Better cotton” is given this name is the environmentally friendly and healthy method used while growing cotton. BCI is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world and a multi-stakeholder, international initiative.

Better cotton; It describes a standards process that aims to produce environmentally, socially and economically sustainable cotton. It consists of criteria gathered under six main principles, from the use of pesticides to soil health, from water consumption to the working conditions of workers in cotton production. In this process, the manufacturer, retailer, seller and many different stakeholders come together. All stakeholders aim to reduce the negative environmental and social effects of cotton production and to make the future of the sector safer by acting jointly.

We made an important decision while creating our supply chain. Committed entirely to less waste, less water use, lower emissions and responsible use of raw materials; We set out with suppliers who are committed to environmental and social sustainability, measuring their environmental sustainability performance using the Higg Index Facility Environment Management (FEM) module developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a platform established for sustainable production and where manufacturers share their best practices with transparency.

We took care to work closely with our suppliers in order to support their efforts to be sustainable. Based on this, we preferred factories that have completed Sedex or BSCI audits, which contain stringent requirements on fair wages and good working conditions. We cooperated with independent auditors to audit all these. At the end of the process, we have reached a brand that you can feel really good every time you use it.

You can contact us at for more information about GNP Istanbul materials, policies and sustainability studies.



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